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A space for art

A space for culture

On August 27, 2013 we opened our doors in the heart of Guatemala City , providing an exhibition spaces for masterpieces by renowned artists. Since then, we have had several exhibitions in Guatemala and Mexico as well as publications in international media and magazines. We are very proud to become a showcase for culture, good taste and expression, as well as a vital window for the souls sensitive to art of the highest level.


We believe that art has no boundaries and is for everyone. We believe that art does not have time and we can all fall in love with a sculpture, a piece, a brush stroke. We believe in a unique space where good taste, culture and art can live together. Welcome to DARSC Gallery.


Darsc Art Gallery is a platform for innovative and talented artists and designers. We give our clients original pieces, with their certificate of authenticity, we study the artists, and their work. It is important for us that our artists and their works are known by the public, that’s why we write our blog and collaborate with the media and international magazines.

We have three exhibitions per year in Guatemala, Mexico and the United States of America. We believe that as Guatemalans we have a social responsibility with our country, that is why we donate ten percent of our profits to charitable non-profit organizations in Guatemala that help improve the lives of girls and women throughout the country. Giving them educational, psychological and legal support.

About us

Our artists

Miguel Ángel Pérez
Fernando Díaz
Juan Carlos Peña
Félix Vidal Chacón
Ángel Rodríguez
Romel Cifuentes
Alan benchoam
Erwin Guillermo
César Cartagena
Alejandro Wer
Arturo Ruano
Luis Arturo Ruano
Evelyn Mendizabal
Arturo Ruano ft Antonio Hernandez
Ramirez Amaya
Barbara Castañeda
Braulio Piñeiro
Elisa Fark
Fernando Andrino
Maria Alfaro
Maria Eugenia Piedrasanta
Massimo Pompeo
Giselle Galeotti
Beatriz Bonduel
Consuelo Secaira
Ricardo Chacón
Beatriz Bonduel
Consuelo Secaira
Ricardo Chacón
Richard Gándara